Driver Education Waiver Test

You are welcome to waiver test as long as you have successfully passed the 30 hours of class instruction (online or in person) and 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction with The Link Driver Education Program. The waiver test is taken with one of our instructors and in one of our driver ed vehicles. The test takes about 25-35 minutes. Students were made aware of the waiver test expectations and practiced what the waiver test route could be like during driving instruction times with our instructor.

The waiver test will be in one of our driver ed cars with one of our instructors. If you have not already paid for the waiver test, there is a $50 Non-Refundable Fee for the Waiver Test that must be paid at the time of sign up.


We conduct the waiver tests year round at our business office in Connersville, and most of the year we conduct testing at Richmond and Centerville HS. We try to offer a variety of options for testing times (including evenings and weekends)


The waiver test takes 25-35 minutes. Students will need to bring the following with them to their waiver test:

               - learner's permit

               - copy of their online certificate of completion

               - behind the wheel certificate of completion that their driver ed instructor gave them the last day of driving

We will try our best, but we cannot guarantee that a student can test with the same instructor(s) that they drove with or in the same driver ed car that they drove during their behind the wheel (BTW) instruction. We also cannot guarantee that we can test at the same school that the student drove from during their BTW instruction time with our instructor. 

To schedule your waiver test, please call our business office at 765-377-7026. 

​Students can also take their driving test with the BMV at no cost. In order to schedule your driving test with the BMV, please call the BMV Contact Center at 888-692-6841 or on the BMV website at: If you test at the BMV, you would test in your vehicle with an examiner from the BMV.