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Sign Up Here for Drive Times

Behind the Wheel Instruction is scheduled outside of day school hours.

You can drive with any of our schools. You do not have to drive with the school that you attend.

We offer behind the wheel instruction year round. Students will drive for 6 days for 1 hour per day with one of our instructors. This is typically completed with a group of 2 or 3 students in 2 or 3 hour sessions. We drive students in groups, because it allows for more time for instruction and allows for more of a variety of driving conditions.


We offer drive sessions year round (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall). We try to offer a variety of drive time options that work with busy schedules. We offer weekday only (meeting at school and right after school), weekend only (Saturday and Sundays) and driving options at various times over the school breaks.


We currently have our spring and summer drive times posted. You are welcome to drive with any of our schools, you don't have to drive with the school that you attend. Also, if you are looking for weekend options, we have some weekend only options for this spring and summer meeting at Richmond HS and more weekend options meeting at Connersville. We will add more spring and summer drive times if necessary, and we will have fall drive times posted before the end of July. IF NONE OF OUR POSTED SCHEDULES WORKS FOR YOU, PLEASE CALL US AT 765-377-7026. 


We would prefer for students to have their permits prior to signing up for drive times, but if you see a time that you know will work with your schedule, you are welcome to go ahead and reserve your spot. The earlier you get your permit, the more practice you will have. The online class doesn't have to be completed prior to scheduling your drive times. However, it is preferred that students have at least 10 hours of their online class and 10 hours of driving practice completed prior to their first day of scheduled behind the wheel instruction.  If you sign up to drive prior to having your permit, you must obtain your permit at least a month prior to your first day of scheduled driving with us. 

We will email students that have not signed up to drive as more schedules are posted. You do not have to attend the school that you drive with. You are welcome to drive with any of our schools, and you are welcome to check this page often as we are often adding schedules. 


You also don't have to complete our 6 hours of driver ed behind the wheel instruction as soon as you register for driver education (or as soon as you turn 15). Some students like to drive with us as soon as they turn 15 and get their learner's permit so they can learn the basics right away from an instructor. Some students like to wait to drive with our instructors after they have already learned the basics with their parents so they can focus on mastering the skills needed to pass their driving test. And, some students wait to schedule with us when their sports and extra-curricular schedule slows down. This is a decision that you and your parents need to discuss. You need to remember that if you want your driver's license as soon as you are eligible (usually when you are 16 and 90 days old); you MUST have your classroom, 50 drive log and 6 hours of Driver Ed Behind the Wheel instruction completed. 

If you have any questions, please call The Link Business office at 765-377-7026.