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Sign Up Here for Drive Times

Updated March 20,2023

In order to sign up for a drive time, you MUST have your online class or in person class completed. This summer we will be driving meeting at our office in Connersville, Centerville HS, Richmond HS and Rushville HS. We expect our summer drives to fill up quickly. Once those spots are are full, they are full. We will not be adding more drive times to our summer drive times. If the high school you attend is full, you are welcome to drive with any of our locations.

In order to get the most out of your Behind The Wheel instructor, we need our students to have a minimum of at least 10 hours of drive time. We need you to have the basics of handling the car so we can get out on the road driving and not spending most of our time with you in a parking lot teaching the basics of driving (steering, turns, stopping, using turn signals, knowing what to do at intersections, etc..). If you would prefer to learn the basics with a driver ed instructor, we do offer a premium driver ed package that includes10 hours of driver education instruction. Please call us if you would like switch to this package. Please note, since there would be 4 more hours of driving there is a price upgrade in order to switch to the premium package. 

Our drive time groups are either 3 days (2 hours each day one on one with an instructor), 4 days (3 hours each day driving 90 minutes with one other student and an instructor) or 6 days (2-3 hours each day driving 1 hour with 1-2 other students and an instructor). Each of these options allows students to drive the BMV required 6 hours of behind the wheel driver education drive time. 

When signing up for a drive time group, you will need to provide the following: your learner's permit information, date of classroom completion and total hours of practice drive time. If you fail to provide this information or if your classroom is not completed, we will automatically delete your drive time sign up. We will not be contacting you to let you know that we deleted your sign up. 

Once you hit submit, you are signed up to for your behind the wheel driving instruction. It is your responsibility to keep track of the drive times that you sign up for. We
 are very busy and cannot guarantee that we will call or email to remind you of your drive times. Please put these dates in your calendar and show up on time for each of your drive sessions. For each of your drive sessions, you MUST bring your learner's permit. We cannot allow you to drive if you do not have your physical learner's permit. If you have any questions, please call us at 765-377-7026.

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