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The Link In the Communityy

Whitewater College Programs, Inc. was founded in 1968 in Connersville, Indiana by a group of concerned citizens. These citizens hoped to develop a community college. The new non-profit organization that it spawned became the Whitewater College Programs, Inc. When higher education denied them a charter for a community college, the focus changed to community education. Since 1968 Whitewater College Programs, Inc. has offered a wide range of enrichment opportunities to all age groups making us your "LINK" to community education which explains how we became known as The Link. We are extremely proud of our heritage and excited about the continued direction of our organization.

Our mission statement: To foster, support and encourage continuing education.

Our vision statement: Striving to offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities for shaping the future by partnering with the community to help reach their fullest potential.

We take pride in giving back to our communities and students that we serve. Just this year, we have given back over $5000 in donations to community fundraisers, sponsorships of youth athletics and other extracurricular activities and other various donations for amazing causes that help to make our communities better places to live. 

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Business Office
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Driver Education
Board of Directors

Director: Pam Shawl

Business Manager: Kristin Boger

Office Clerk: Bridgett Smith

Driver Education Program Director & Instructor: Pam Shawl 

Driver Education Instructors:  Steve Moore, John Pattison, Jennifer Kelsick, Darrell Shawl, Andy Dunn, Brady Martz, Elizabeth Shank-Fodrea & Emily Woytik

President: Jessica Burton

Vice President: Amy Hammons

Treasurer: Micah Wright

Secretary: John Holmes

Board Members: Jim Spence, Melissa Scott & Jenny McCarrell

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