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The Link Online Course Log In Information

For the online class we use a website called Driving Brilliance.  Students will use this website to complete their classroom training online (at least 30 hours). You can only work up to 3 hours a day on the online course, but there is no set time of day you must log in. It will take you at least 30 clock hours to complete the online course.  The course will stop keep tracking of your time if you walk away from your computer because it will not credit you for more than 2 minutes per screen. There is no book that goes along with the online course, it is more self-paced, self-taught; all of the reading material and course work is online.  

To register as a new student and to  begin working on the online course you must visit the website:

If you already have a Driving Brilliance account, please use the following link to sign in:

If you are having issues with your online account, you will need to contact Driving Brilliance directly at (317) 316-3050. 


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