Welcome to The Link Driving School. We have been providing driver education to area high school students in the Whitewater Valley area for over 25 years. The Link is a non-profit organization overseen by a volunteer board of directors. We have been in business offering community education programs in Connersville, IN since 1968.

Our business office is located in Connersville, IN (Fayette County) and we meet students in Fayette, Rush and Wayne Counties for drive times. We have always strived to keep our costs affordable while providing a high quality program. In order to be able to continue offering drive times outside of home county, we are at a point that we must change our fees in order to continue offering a high quality program and drive times outside of Fayette County. At our May board meeting, our board of directors voted and approved to implement the following fees effective June 1, 2022:

Driver Education Program for Fayette County residents-- $450 (no change)

Driver Education Program for non-Fayette County residents-- $475

Driving Test (Waiver)-- FREE if student has successfully passed and completed their class prior to the last day of scheduled driving otherwise $30 

Driver Ed Program EZ PAY Plan-- $35 EZ Pay fee plus $115 down payment ($150 total)-- The remaining balance will be spread evenly over 3 monthly automatic payments 

Please note: If a non-Fayette County resident drives in Fayette County instead of Wayne or Rush County, we will reimburse you $25 upon completion of your last day of drive time instruction. 

The Link Driver Education Program consists of 30 hours of online or in person classroom training and 6 hours of behind the wheel drive time instruction. Students also have the opportunity to earn their driving test  (waiver) at no additional cost, but they must have their class completed and passed prior to the last day of schedule driving.


Our in person classroom is only offered at our office in Connersville. Our summer in person class is currently in progress. Our Fall class will begin in September on Sunday evenings from 5-8 pm for 10 weeks. 

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