Centerville High School Behind the Wheel Drive Times
Mr. John Pattison will be our summer instructor. Students will meet Mr. Pattison at the Lincoln HS for Groups 1-4  and 13-16. All other groups will meet at Centerville HS parking long. Students will drive six times for one hour each session, but will be in the car with 1 other student. This allows extra instruction time for students. 

Students must have your Learner's Permit before signing up to drive. If you don't have your learner's permit yet, you need to get your your permit soon.
Once you hit submit, you are signed up to for your behind the wheel driving instruction. It is your responsibility to keep track of the drive times that you sign up for. Please put these dates in your calendar and show up on time for each of your 6 drive sessions. For each of your drive sessions, you MUST bring your learner's permit.