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Welcome to The Link Afterschool Program 2019-20 School Year

Grandview Afterschool
Fayette Central Afterschool
The Link has been providing quality, convenient and affordable afterschool programs at Fayette County Elementary Schools for over 25 years.
For the 2019-20 school year our afterschool program will be offered at  is three Fayette County School Corporation elementary schools: Fayette Central, Frazee and Grandview.
Afterschool is also available for Maplewood (bused to Grandview) and Eastview (bused to Frazee).  If your student is a Maplewood or Eastview student, you will pick them up at the school that they are bused to. 
For all of our schools, our afterschool program meets in the school cafeteria. This is also where you will pick your child up from. We have a doorbell outside of the cafeteria doors that you will need to ring. A staff member will greet you. Until staff become familiar with you or other pick up persons, you will need to show a picture ID for security purposes. 
During afterschool time students receive a healthy Chartwell's dinner and are given time to work on their homework. There are also times where we will have recess time outside or in the gym, have guest speakers, provide STEM curriculum and have time for board games, crafts, cards, movies, karaoke and interactive play time in the cafeteria. You can pick your student(s) up at your convenience any time between 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM. Students MUST be picked up boy 5:30 PM- NO EXCEPTIONS. 
Students attending clubs or helping teachers will need to report to afterschool at afterschool dismissal for afterschool attendance. Immediately after attendance, they will be dismissed to go to their club or classroom. Please note that even if your student is attending afterschool on a day that they also attend an afterschool club or helping a teacher, they will still be charged from school dismissal until pick up time. If you do not want to be charged on those days, you will need to arrange pick up from their club or their teacher's classroom.
The cost for our afterschool program per student is $30 non-refundable registration fee and $4 per hour when in attendance with the minimum fee each day being $4. We bill bi-weekly. Invoices will be given to your student every other Friday telling you the amount due and when it is due. If your student is not in attendance that Friday, we may wait until the next time they attend, or mail or email you the invoice. It is your responsibility to make sure your afterschool fees are paid on time as past due payments along with late fees and collection fees may be turned over the the collection agency, meaning your student(s) will be dismissed from our program.  
To sign up for our afterschool program you can call us at 765-377-7026 or visit The Link Business Office in the Cherry Hill Shopping Center at 2508 Western Ave. Suite F, Connersville, IN . Our business office hours are Monday-Thursday 10 AM-3 PM. 
Please note:  Depending on how many current students enroll, we may have to implement a wait list. Currently, we are on a wait list for Eastview students. If we implement a wait list, you can be added to our wait list by contacting our business office at 765-377-7026. If you get our voicemail, please leave a message with your name, daytime phone number and reason for your call. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we cannot guarantee that we will have openings for our wait list students. 
Frazee Afterschool